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A Very Unusual Shopping List

Where do you start? With a list of course!

The Wessex Rose was born on the 14th of October at the workshops of Tyler Wilson, bespoke canal boat hull builders, and ended 2012 as a completed hull ready for her fit out at Milburn Boats who will turn her very traditional and business like hull into the luxury Hotel Boat that will grace the Kennet & Avon Canal.

On completion of the hull Tim Tyler presented his shopping list, the longest and largest for any boat he has ever built:-

22 Tonnes            Grade A English Steel

180 kg                     Welding Wire

2000                        Welding Rods

60                              9 inch Grinding Disks

40                              7 inch Grinding Disks

300                           Sanding Disks

8                                 Pairs Welding Gauntlets

1                                 Pair Steel Toe Cap Boots

6                                 Pairs Flame Retardant Overalls (they weren’t!!)

100 Litres             Primer Paint

1                                 Burnt Out Mig Welding Set

1                                 Dead 9 inch Grinder

1600                        Man hours

1                                 Very Proud Boat Builder

6                                 Exhausted Staff

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