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Guest Book 2020

Guest name(s)Home countryDate of CruiseComments
Lynn RoweEnglandOctober 202021st cruise and counting - outstanding!
Dick and Louise Hemming EnglandOctober 2020Thank you David and Karen. Another wonderful cruise with great company. Even
the weather was mostly kind.
Frank WeetmanEnglandOctober 2020First class, no complaints
Joy WeetmanEnglandOctober 2020Excellent for everything
Beverley and David RuddockEnglandSept 2020David and Karen are excellent hosts - nothing was too much trouble for them
- thoroughly recommend
Anne BrooksEnglandSept 2020Surpassed all expectations
Sue DouetEnglandSept 2020An unforgetable experience for a relaxing treat.
Jill and Colin RutherfordEnglandSept 2020Another fantastic cruise, with great company and amazing weather. Felt very safe in our little 'bubble'.
Enjoyed cruising the Thames for the first time too. Back to reality now - and a diet!
Roy AllenEnglandSept 2020The perfect escape after lockdown. We have booked another cruise!
Wendy AllenEngland Sept 2020A peaceful tranquil, duck's dabble of a cruise with great hosts in good company. More please!
David KanehlEnglandSept 2020A most enjoyable holiday
Bob AndertonEnglandSept 2020An experience not to be missed
Susan AndertonEnglandSept 2020Karen and David's time management is amazing
Christine RogersEnglandSept 2020An education in wildlife, food, the friendliness of river and canal people
Caroline and Martin Howard EnglandAugust 2020Another brilliant cruise on the Wessex Rose, despite the unique challenges of Covid.
Only 7 weeks till we're on board again!
Chris and Sharon HibbertEnglandAugust 2020Perfect relaxing holiday, thanks a lot.
Karen BowerEnglandAugust 2020We have had a wonderful time and look forward to returning
Immy BowerEnglandAugust 2020Awesome
Fran HowardEnglandAugust 2020Felt perfectly safe in our 'Wessie Bubble' - Covid precautions were exceptional. Thank you for keeping us safe!
Lynn RoweEnglandAugust 2020My 19th cruise and I love is just as much, every time is different. Roll on my 20th (in 5 weeks time)
Joy WeetmanEnglandAugust 2020Karen and David cannot do too much to make you feel welcome and comfortable and the food is to die for!
Joy WeetmanEnglandAugust 2020A great experience, excellent food and good company.


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