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Guest Book 2017

What our guests have said about their experience aboard the Wessex Rose this year

Guest name(s)Home countryDate of CruiseComments
Jen and Don PriorEnglandApril 2017Have loved every minute. Delicious food. Truly a hotel on water deserving of 5*. Karen and David
are quite incredible, tireless energy giving the best possible holiday. We'll be back!
Chris HibbertEnglandApril 2017Fantastic experience, thanks a lot!
Jenny and Alan WattEnglandApril 2017We had a wonderful time
Kate and Vincent BlakeAustraliaApril 2017A must do on your bucket list. Amazing scenery, one of the most relaxing holidays you could take!
Lynne and Tony MoellerEnglandApril 2017An experience not to be missed
Cindy GriffithsUSAApril 2017One of the best relaxing vacations we have ever taken. Karen and David are outstanding hosts.
They work as a team and make everything special for their guests. Thank you so much!!
Fawn BeckUSAApril 2017Everything was excellent, thank you for the experience!
John RichardsonEnglandApril 2017Enforced relaxation - could not be better, and really lovely meals.
Best thanks to Karen and David. Hope to be back soon
Paul RichardsonEnglandApril 2017Warm welcome and excellent service. The boat design is impressive and it feels like a luxury
but relaxed hotel. Fantastic attention to detail.
Stephanie SharpeUSAApril 2017I thought everything was perfect
Mike CostinEnglandApril 2017Just do it!
Wendy PageEnglandApril 2017Fantastic experience. David and Karen were incredible hosts - experienced, knowledgeable
and very passionate. Wish we had booked a longer cruise!
Ali and Bob BradyEnglandApril 2017We've had a fantastic time and will definitely do this again
Caroline and Martin HowardEnglandApril 2017A unique experience combining five star luxury with canal cruising, we'll be back!
Pat MacKenzieEnglandApril 2017Peaceful and luxurious, a complete rest
Helena HerringEnglandApril 2017Great boat, great hosts, great time!


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