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The Inland Waterways are a wonderful place to see and appreciate nature and wildlife.

Our canals and rivers are bound by a diverse range of landscapes including open meadows, dense hedgerows and woodlands which are a haven to many kinds of bird and wild life.  The waterways form vital green and protected corridors for British wildlife and the environment along many of our routes are particularly attractive to many species of flora and fauna. There are many nature reserves along the canals and rivers and a number of areas have been designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) to protect their unique environment and eco structure and the wildlife they support.

Whilst spotting wildlife is never guaranteed, you may well catch sight of more than you might expect from your relaxing vantage point aboard the Wessex Rose as she slips gently through the water. As well as the swans and numerous species of duck which inhabit the waterways you may well also see the occasional heron or cormorant hunting for a fish dinner or a kingfisher darting to and fro. Kestrels and sparrow hawks hunt along the banks and in the evening owls and bats come to life. You may even spot a shy otter or water vole in the water or a cautious badger emerging from the hedgerows.

No matter which cruise you choose on the Wessex Rose there will always be a variety of plant, bird and wildlife to appreciate along the way.


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