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The Shopping List Continues….

The Wessex Rose Hotel Boat build continues and as it does, so the shopping list gets longer and longer……

13.5 tonnes concrete flags

700 square feet of underfelt

2600 feet of 2×1 wooden batons

700 square feet underfloor insulation

8 cubic meters of spray foam insulation

30 8×4 sheets flooring ply (18mm)

50 8×4 sheets roof & upper wall ply lining (8mm)

500 meters lighting wire

100 light points

20 8×4 sheets of Oak faced ply lower wall lining

100 feet sapele hard wood for windows and rear door

6 square meter solid oak planking

200 feet various hard woods for hatches and roof lights


Wessex Rose Hotel Boat - Interior before walls and partitions

………….and that was just to get to the point where the internal walls and partitions started going up creating usable spaces!

Of course the ever growing list of materials would be nothing without the craftsmanship and the care that is being lavished on it. Every component, every board, every hand build joint is assembled, placed, checked and double checked with such skill and precision that makes a bystander feel totally inadequate.

So what’s next on the shopping list? We have heard mention of another 500 meters of wire for the 240v system, several rolls of water pipe, oak faced wall partition board by the pallet load, 400 meters of under floor heating pipe, hydraulic pipes, waste pipes, hundreds of meters of hard wood floor boards, 50 square meters of ceramic tiles, taps, showers, plugs, pumps, a big yellow engine, a green generator, worktops, kitchen equipment, its endless!

All we are missing is Anthea Redfern, a pair of sliding doors and a cuddly toy (That’s for those with a good memory!!)

Just one question guys, that’s an awful lot of stuff, where is it all going to go?

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