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Environmental Policy

Our Pledge

We want you to have a fantastic cruise on the Wessex Rose and a large part of this will be enjoying the beautiful waterway that we are sailing on, and the delicate eco structure that it supports. Our part in enjoying this unique environment is to have policies and procedures in place to protect it, preserve it and enhance it for the future.

We have carefully studied all aspects of our operation and incorporated as many features as possible to minimise our impact, to work towards a carbon neutral status and to support the local economy. These measures range from simple things like where possible using re-cycled paper to more complex issues such as efficient heating systems and careful selection of power systems incorporated into our design of the Wessex Rose.

We hope that most of the things we do will go unnoticed by you and will have no impact on your cruise but even behind the scenes our commitment continues.


As you will have noticed when you booked we design our cruise itinerary so that the locations you are invited to join and leave the boat are within easy reach of a main line train station. We are eager for you to relax and enjoy your cruise and what better way to start than by making use of the excellent public transport links and helping the environment at the same time.


Our Operation

We only service the boat at recognised CRT servicing points, we do not allow any unauthorised waste into the canal and act responsibly in the use of the locks to conserve the canals most precious commodity, water.

We leave no trace of our stay on the tow path. We moor responsibly and using purpose built moorings where possible. When mooring pins have to be used we illuminate them and ensure that ropes do not foul the tow path to avoid injury or inconvenience to other tow path users.

We also endeavour to support local economies and source as much of our produces as possible locally.

On Board

On board we separate waste wherever possible and make use of the Canal & Rivers Trust waste recycling and disposal points along the navigation.
Cleaning and washing products are ecologically friendly as are the toiletries that we place in your cabins and wherever possible we use bio degradable and recycled products.

All lighting throughout the boat is low voltage long life LED bulbs, appliances have been carefully selected with the lowest possible power rating and any unavoidable ‘stand by’ lighting is of modern design drawing microscopic levels of power.

To avoid running the generators excessively we use a large battery bank and equally large inverter to run the power systems on the boat. The under floor heating system with individual cabin control is the most efficient possible as are the multi system hot water heaters, hot water storage tanks and insulation. All taps on board are water saving taps and the showers are thermostatically controlled for energy control as well as safety.

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